Help Us to Grow from Great Idea to Profitable Business with Your Skills

Starting a website and creating the first product is not enough. Good products are built by real people who are flexible enough to take on diverse roles until things can expand further.

Are you the right person with the courage to follow through on your ideas?

We Believe Progress Equals Happiness

If you view the work you do as “just a job to get by,” rather than a way to grow your skills, than we want to talk to you. Our company Incidr -/in●sidər/ is a young startup that gets work done on nights and weekends. So, we know what it feels like to have an idea in the back of your head while working a day job.

Our creation is forever beta until we can achieve product-market fit. But in order to grow our progress we need some part-time help.

The Technology

Our product combines search, social, collaboration, and communication technologies that enable sales professionals to become more effective and productive.

Help Wanted Effort Needed

Full Stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, Product Marketer