Prospecting For New Business?

Collaborate with an insider at other companies to get a sales meeting.

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Used by sales professionals at these brands and many more.

Everyone Knows Sales is Hard

Incidr Is for Business People in Sales Who Target the Same Type of Customers

Example: You identify Starbucks as a prospect because you sell cups

Frank is a decision maker at Starbucks

To get a sales meeting with Frank, you must get past gatekeepers and navigate through a company to reach employees such as:

  •   Board members
  •   Corporate executives
  •   Owners
  •   Partners
  •   Managers
  •   End users


An Incidr already knows Frank

  •   You join Incidr to do research and identify companies, contacts or leads

  •   In your fieldwork you discover a member who knows something about Frank

  •   Once connected, you inquire about how to get in front of Frank

  •   In return, you trade contacts or business information to make getting a sales meeting easier while keeping your data private and secure

How It Works

Find Clues to Get a Sales Meeting



Identify members at other companies who complement what you sell.



Look for new business prospects using our integrated web and office building search.



Combine your expertise with other members to get more sales meetings.



Trade leads you have for leads you need.

Handpick Your Network

Identify People at Other Companies Who Complement What You Sell

If I was to describe Incidr with one word, I'd have to say "Easy." Incidr is so easy that I could use it. I'm not tech savvy, plus I don't have a lot of time.

Donnell E. Johns Sr., CEO  |  AVISON Worldwide

Trust is Paramount

Reviews Can Help You Make Smarter Decisions

Write and read reviews about the people in your network

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Reviews are instantly published to your profile

Gain the respect and admiration of your peers