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Incidr is software that enables collaboration between sales professionals targeting a simlar customer base and who don't compete.

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Search Buildings

You can’t see behind the walls of an office building to know which companies to target.

Tell us the street address, find out who lives inside, and view details about each company.


Find Companies

Identify potential customers fast, then build a list of prospects to target.

Describe a business category. Get back a list of companies that match.


Then People

Connect with a seller who doesn't compete with you and get access to leads or contacts.

You set the rules. You control what you share and you are free to accept or refuse.

Build Your Sales Network

Unite with sellers from different companies and find a way to get the job done faster.

If I was to describe Incidr with one word, I'd have to say "Easy." Incidr is so easy that I could use it. I'm not tech savvy, plus I don't have a lot of time.

Donnell E. Johns Sr., CEO  |  AVISON Worldwide

Collaborate Freely to Sell Solutions Together

Use intelligence from another Incidr to make progress within a company.

Write reviews about the people in your network.

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Reviews are instantly published to your profile.

Gain the respect and admiration of your peers.