Questions you might have

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1. What is Incidr /inˈsīdər/? + Software that makes sales propsecting easier for business people.
2. Who uses Incidr? + Any professional who has a product or service to sell to another business.
3. Is Incidr FREE? +

Getting started is free. Only pay after you see the value. Monthly or annual plans available.

4. How is Incidr different? +
  • Facebook is used to connect with friends and family.
  • Twitter is used to follow people you're interested in.
  • LinkedIn is used to connect about jobs.
  • Alignable is used to help small businesses connect.
  • Nextdoor connects you with people in your neighborhood.
  • Incidr connects professionals to make sales prospecting easier.
5. Why Incidr, why now? +

Everyday you're not meeting with potential leads or prospects prevents you from closing deals.

6. How do I create an Incidr account? + Start with a community plan - it's free.
7. Can I search for a specific company on Incidr? + Yes - Incidr helps you search and find companies that you're interested in selling to.
8. What is a tenant search? + Incidr lets you search for potential prospects based on their physical location.
9. Do I need to be connected to send messages? + No - You do not have to be connected to send and read messages.
10. Where does your data come from? + Incidr collects its data from a variety of sources, including public databases, government data sources, social media, and the Incidr Community.