Questions People Ask

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1. What is Incidr /inˈsīdər/? + Software that connects professional salespeople to help them get meetings in the pursuit of closing deals.
2. Who uses Incidr? + Professionals who need customers to grow their business.
3. Is Incidr FREE? +

Get started for free. Only pay after you see the value. Monthly plans start at $10.

4. How is Incidr different? +
  • Facebook is used to connect with friends and family.
  • Twitter is used to follow people you're interested in.
  • LinkedIn is used to connect about careers and jobs.
  • Alignable is used to help small businesses connect.
  • Nextdoor connects you with people in your neighborhood.
  • Incidr connects you with other salespeople who have information to offer about a sales opportunity
5. Why should I join Incidr? +

Everything we do challenges the popular belief that sales professionals protect information about prospects and clients. They believe it gives them a competitive advantage. Incidr /inˈsīdər/ believes in thinking differently.

The way we challenge this popular belief is by turning strangers into allies who have a shared purpose. Our product is made with secure access controls, so that sales professionals from different firms discover, trade, and share information to get inside the companies they target.

6. How do I create an Incidr account? + Getting started is easy. Start with a community plan - it's free.
7. Can I search for a specific company on Incidr? + Yes - Incidr lets you search, find, and follow companies that interest you.
8. What is a tenant search? + Most companies live inside a corporate office building where they occupy space to conduct business. The purpose of an office building is to provide a workplace and working environment. Incidr lets you search by business address to find companies who need what you offer.
9. Do I need to be connected to send messages? + No - You do not have to be connected to someone to send a direct message. We suggest you get acquainted before you officially connect with another member.
10. How do I know if my message has been seen or read? + Only members with a paid plan can use this benefit.