Look What You Can Do

With Incidr, you get more work done in one place.


Identify and research companies fast.


We have public and crowdsourced business information.


Receive alerts whenever new leads are discovered by an Incidr in your network.


Review profiles to handpick your network.

Company reports

Discover business reports filed by publicly traded companies.


Write and read reviews about the people in your network.

Selling opportunities

Give and take leads posted by referrers in your network.

Who to reach

It's not just the connection, its the context. Get it from a referrer.

What to say

Send and receive private messages within your network.

Handpick your network

Discover the right people while researching companies, contacts, and leads.

Work together

Test the possibilities by combining your expertise with someone working on the same sales challenge as you.

Share knowledge

You set the rules, you control what you share, and you are free to accept or refuse.