About Incidr

Every business deal starts with the idea of attracting potential customers. Someone who works in sales must set out to make people aware of who they are and what they do.

Sales prospecting is what sellers do to identify contacts and offer their product or service. When salespeople start looking for new customers, they rarely have leads or contact details.

The people who work in sales have a strong desire to make contact with decision makers, but they lack access to the right business information and connections.

What if you could meet people outside your office who target similar companies. Then find out what they know that you don’t.

With Incidr, you can.

Incidr helps you connect with people at different companies to find new customers.

Incidr members create value for each other by combining their knowledge, network of business connections, and available resources to find answers to the unsolved mystery of who has influence and who makes decisions on the inside of a company.

As a member, you get privileged access to data, information, and knowledge accumulated by other sales professionals.