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Meet Yendal

Yendal is an account executive. His job is to sell his company's solution to other businesses.

The company Yendal works for sets sales quotas that he must meet to succeed in his position. As an account executive, Yendal is given a list of existing customers to manage, but his main responsibility is to find new customers. It’s the one part of the job he must get done on a regular basis. The skills involved in finding new leads is not the same as closing a deals.

To find new customers, Yendal needs to quickly get in front of the right people for his company to get the serious consideration it deserves. So, he utilizes five different sales tools in the pursuit of closing deals. He starts by cold calling random people. Then he maps out each prospective company to identify which employees need to get involved in his deal. Finally, he must turn phone and email conversations into getting a seat at the table with key decision makers.

There's something standing in the way of Yendals’ success. Calling random people does not help him quickly reach his target audience - the people most likely to influence or make decisions about his solution. If only there was a way for Yendal to qualify leads faster, he would be able to make more sales pitches and close more deals.

The skills involved in finding new leads is changing quickly. The modern seller who understands how to leverage social networks will surpass competitors.

Meet Amber

Amber works as an account manager at a different company. She sells a solution that doesn’t compete with Yendal's solution.

Unlike Yendal, Amber spends a small amount of her time looking for new customers. Her focus is to generate more renewals with established customers in order to succeed in her position. Additionally, she must increase what her customers are buying. Therefore, Amber needs to build relationships and up-sell across the enterprise to achieve her goals. To do this, Amber needs to find more contacts within her accounts.

If Amber and Yendal were to combine their expertise and business connections, they could both identify more potential customers faster. Unfortunately they don’t, so Amber and Yendal miss out on a chance to find new leads in their blind spots.

They find each other on Incidr while going after similar target accounts. Once connected, Amber and Yendal use Incidr to trade information for better information while keeping their data private and secure.

Yendal and Amber Become Insiders

They join Incidr and collaborate.

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