Find More Prospects

Consider this - most business-to-business (B2B) prospects are tenants in commercial buildings where they occupy space.

Tenants can be service providers, consultants, software companies, corporations, or local businesses.

If you sell a product or service and your aim is to target established tenants, tenants who are moving into a building, tenants who are moving out of a building, or tenants who may expand within the same space, Incidr can help you.

With Incidr, you can search buildings and find companies. You can then meet and connect with someone you’re not competing with so you can work together in a smarter way to find the right prospects.

Connected prospecting helps you get in touch with a company before they hire another provider.

How to Search Buildings

  1. Click the button [Search Buildings] to find more companies.
  2. The search results will match the street address you input.
  3. Look across companies to find new customers.
  4. Navigate within companies to look for the right people.

Don’t be limited by what you know to find the best prospects. Opportunities come from people you don’t know. Discover companies you have in common with a fellow Incidr and connect.

Incidr offers direct access to business information that can be shared between sellers across industries. Gather information and use the data you have to get better sales results with connected prospecting.