How Much Research Have You Done?

Business information is whatever information that helps you know your business environment. Professionals who sell to businesses must conduct research before they set out to look for new customers. Information can be used to evaluate the marketplace before you contact, qualify, and begin the sales process. It’s critical for keeping tabs on the competition. The internet has become the most powerful source of information for professionals who sell to businesses. Yet many professionals who sell to businesses have a hard time locating the right business information.

Joining incidr can help you identify the right business information.

Fellow Incidrs create value for each other by combining their knowledge, network of business connections, and available resources to find answers to the unsolved mystery of who has influence and who makes decisions on the inside of a company.

Find Companies You Can’t Afford to Ignore

  1. Click the button [Find Companies] to find companies in your sales territory.
  2. The search results will match the business category and location you choose.
  3. Look across companies to find new customers.
  4. Navigate within companies to look for the right people.

Don’t be limited by what you know to find the best prospects. Opportunities come from people you don’t know. Discover companies you have in common with a fellow Incidr and connect.

Incidr offers direct access to business information that can be shared between sellers across industries. Gather information and use the data you have to get better sales results with connected prospecting.